Home - 2017 - China - Day 12 - Shanghai around the river

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Discrete entrance to the B&B

Cards and smokes in the park

Nice little park just down the road from the B&B

Circling Yuyuan Gardens, trying to get in

KFC delivery moped vs minivan in a very narrow alley

Upstairs from all the touristy shops

Shanghai Tower, across the river

Spitting fish fountain

Ready to be fed

Making a solo traverse

Piled turtles against the wall

Feeding the fish

Finally inside Yuyuan Gardens

Relaxing in a quiet corner with a view of the rockery

Taking a break

Tower lurking overhead

Unintentionally green roof

Bamboo screen

A bit of laundry over the park wall

Roof statues

Confusingly proportioned dragon

A more traditional perspective

Crane roof topper

Winding covered walkway

Out in the bazaar

More laundry, gathering dust

Expando- clothes racks

First clear view across the Huangpu River

Oriental Pearl Tower

South end of The Bund

Up on the river

Boarding our river cruise

The really tall trio, behing the shorties in front

Coming close to the Super Brand Mall

Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Building and Custom House

Approaching the bend in the river

Southernmost Bund

Bund 3-6

Bank Building

Bowing at the middle

TV tower

Convention center

Full view of the tower

Financial Center coming into view

Convex mirror

Jin Mao Tower

Lots of tall on this side

Meters/bonwe and the wacky shapes

Yangpu Bridge

Very modern

Up in the VIP section

Amongst the longest cable-stayed bridges

Midafternoon sun

A few clouds, but not many


The pushers and shovers


Ninja chili peanuts

Getting to the north end of the cruise

Bund lineup

Makes me think of Sputnik


Jin Mao in full view

Convention center domes

South half of the Bund, give or take

Shanghai People Yingxiong Memorial Tower

Barging through

Wide angle Bund

Shimmering Pudong skyline

A little zoomed

Lots of pedestrians on the shoreline

Glad we got onto the front deck

Late afternoon sun

Towering over the river

Wacky boat

Beware of consumption trap, indeed

Living wall

Into the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

Perhaps the strangest subway ride ever

2000+ feet tall

Jin Mao, Shanghai Financial Center, and Shanghai Tower

In the midst of giants

My lovely date

View from from Cloud 9, on the 77th floor

Squarely in the middle of the taller younger sibling building

Haze collecting as sunset approaches

View from our table

Sipping a cocktail in the fairly empty bar

Attempting to play it cool

Rapidly setting sun

About to kiss the horizon

Final sun glow

Electric lights flipping on

Very purple TV tower

Looking south

View to the east

Nighttime towers

Heading towards dinner

Perusing the menu at Lost Heaven

After dinner tea

Reset table

Indoor lantern


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