Home - 2017 - China - Day 10 - Hangzhou

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Tower of steam trays

First repeat meal of the trip

Sleepbox, when you have to sleep on the go

Xi'an airport

Our Eastern China Airlines plane awaits

Our lake view room at the Shangri-La in Hangzhou

The promised lake view

Hazy view

Downtown Hangzhou

Comforting to know they're ready if we need them, I guess

Down at lake level for a walk in the mist

Sculling across West Lake

A very vibrant display

Hiding from the drizzle

Not much of a line for a boat ride

A few intrepid passengers

View from the Su Causeway

Leifeng Pagoda

Out for a peaceful walk

Rainiest day of the trip

City God Pavilion

View of downtown

Bright bright green

Up high in the mist

City God Pavilion again

Leifeng Pagoda right after the lights came on

It's hardly raining at all anymore

Glowing, wet spiderweb

In the lights

Sniffing around

Multicolored lights on downtown

Leifeng lit up, from near Red Carp Pond

City God Pavilion all lit up

Rental villas

Empty docks

Su Xiaoxiao's tomb

View of downtown from the room at night

Leifeng one more time

Brightly outlined City God Pavilion

Downtown and the Bai Causeway bridge


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