Home - 2017 - China - Day 9 - More Xi'an

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Fresh, raw garlic for the table

Our hard-won taxi drops us off

Outside at the Han Jing Mausoleum

Model of the mound, gates, and pits

First view of the much smaller terracotta figures

Pottery too

Suspended walkway over the pits

Protective, and stylish

Sometime in the last 2200 years they lost their arms and clothes

More pottery and livestock

Still semi-buried

Assorted section


Toppled chariots

Extended nap time

Very old eat

Feels like Westworld

Neat rank and file

Reconstruction section

One two are yolked in

Lounging around

Some variation, but mostly uniform

Pig parade

In the museum section

Finely preserved

Heading toward the exit

Back above ground

Going to check out the gate tower

Ruins of the gate walls

Boardwalk to the mound


Xi'an heavy industry


Park just north of the Big Goose Pagoda

The Big Goose Pagoda

Heading up to the Da Ci'en Temple

Chunky incense

Big shiny Buddha

Less aromatic than the incense

Trogdor, perhaps?

Another Buddha

Ornate ceiling

Peeking up at the pagoda

Looking south

The ubiquitous Chinese high-rises

Looking east

Looking west

View straight north

Fountain in action

Alternating jets

Looking north

Back on the ground

Wind chimes

In the park

Pagoda with kite

Dry skies, but wet flower

Completed in 652 AD

Posing with her new buddy

Nan Daije - the street of western bars

So many KFCs!

Not bad. But be sure to get the "dry" red


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