Home - 2017 - China - Day 7 - Getting to Xi'an

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Entering Qingxu Temple, just down the street from the hotel

Stele with illustration

Tiny bird hanging by the incense

Stele under the covers

Smaller buildings in the complex

Saying goodbye to the fancy hotel room

Pingyao street dog

The hotel crew helping us wrangle our minimal luggage

In the cart for the short ride to the taxi

Platform at the Pingyao train station

Our speedy train arrives

Our somewhat less swanky Xi'an hostel room

The street outside

Facebook is branching out into hostels, it seems

Greyhound sighting!

Xi'an Bell Tower

The bell in question

In good shape for a bell cast in 711

Xi'an Drum Tower

Gold dragon illustration

One of many panels

Trippy ceiling

Geometric designs everywhere

It's not plain

Looking south

Narrow walkway, with low clearance periodically

Looking east

Looking north

Looking west

Bell Tower as seen from the Drum Tower

Plaza and shopping area

Big drum

Peeking into the Muslim Quarter

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it

Furniture displays inside the drum tower

Nice tiles

Fountain at work

Slightly higher perspective

Fancy but ultimately uncomfortable seating

Entering the food district

Whole animal butchering, straight to the grill

Working the mallet


Seasoning the tiny potatoes

Squid on a stick

Bananas ready for the fryer

Making sweets

Fried crabs


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