Home - 2017 - China - Day 6 - Pingyao

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Monochrome skyline

Dragon carving

Entry to one of the many historical sites

Narrow courtyards

Old two stones

The old chamber of commerce

Retired rickshaw

Keep a safe distance from the furniture

Prancing along

Near the back of the complex

Perhaps the finest translation ever. Give it a read!

Money pit (bank vault)

Ready for training

Some nice hook stretching


County Government area

Chance to dress up to pose in a rickshaw

Frizzy and pointy


Lots of old ceramics

Fire brigade setup

Geometric designs on the roofs

Small garden

The Immortal Fox, in his own tower

Just outside the Tower of the Immortal Fox

Tiny dog time!

More pink blossoms

Back to the entrance

A quick break before heading down

Snow Beer - allegedly the best selling (but not best-tasting) beer in the world

Gate to the Temple of Confucius

Tossing a coin in the pond

Heads or tails, we'll never know

Over the bridge, toward the actual temple

Winding up


Continuing in, temple now visible

Coated in red

Colorful column

One of many stele, this one in horizontal orientation

Blue end tiles

Other buildings in the complex

Happy? Hungry?

Nibble nibble

Howdy, I'm a dragon!

Temple of the City God

Center roof adornments

Flexible and headless

More prayer ribbons


Like a hood ornament, but on a tiny pagoda

Red rings

Inside the courtyard

More intricate trim

Settling in for a massage

A bit cluttered and dusty

Steamers in a kitchen

Inner section

Inner entryway

Crumbling bricks

Not quite locked up

Tea time back at the hotel

Empty upstairs bar

Cat on the prowl

Rishengchang, China's first draft bank

One of the many tiny construction projects

Mystery meats

Non-uniform brickwork

Roof tiles ready for reuse

Eroding corner

A very greasy chimney

Skewer-o-matic, in action

Stacy signing an autograph for one of her many fans

Pingyao noodle dishes for dinner


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