Home - 2017 - China - Day 5 - Going to Pingyao

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Descending into the courtyard for Cloud Dispelling Hall

Our room at the Beijing hotel, Cote Cour

Budding tree in the courtway

Pool with koi

More flowers in the courtyard

Packed and ready for the train

Beijing West train station

Bagged Peking duck is everywhere

On the high speed train, at about 300 kph

Stacy's a fan of the room in Pingyao, at Jing's Residence

Petal-powered tub

Wacky rafters and beams

Loose-leaf teas

Inside the grounds at the hotel

East Street, with the hotel's shuttered windows on the right

Rennovations next door

Wandering down West Street in search of a late lunch

Meat on a stick

Golf cart with an oven for a trunk

Dried mushrooms and berries

City walls, built in 1370

Rabbits and other items for sale

Skewers of all sorts

Smaller entry gate

Should your bicycle get detained, check here

Helen Keller eyewear - live for yourself

West Street in the afternoon sun

Soy sauce fountain

Soy milk in bottles that look suspicously like something else

Approaching the north tower

Park just outside the walls

The rest of Pingyao isn't quite as cute

Moat, bridge, and street vendors

North Gate tower

Seems a bit ominous down there

Low key afternoon traffic

North Tower

Late afternoon sun on the wall

Strolling on the wall

Small amusement park just outside the walls

Looking at the newer parts of the city

Very little pedestrian traffic on the wall

Lots of gray one story buildings inside the wall

Rounding the corner

Tower on the west

Upper West Gate

Lots of solar setups

Empty lot

Falling into disrepair

Gate eaves

Light industrial micro-neighborhood inside the old city

Typical Pingyao roof

South Street

Closed down for the day

The south side isn't completely straight

Parking lot

Meandering along the south end

Park and green outside

Falling apart

Up on the wall

Sunset approaches

Card game

South Gate tower

Canon lineup


South Street, approaching the City Tower in the middle of town

Night at the hotel

Night at the hotel

Heading down East Street to the pedestrian-only part of town

Hotel entrance at night

Relatively low traffic

Elaborate lantern

Late night delivery

All lit up

Tassles swinging in the breeze

South Street


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