Home - 2017 - China - Day 4 - Great Wall

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Escaping Beijing in the car

Out in the rural areas

The trailhead

Ready to conquer

In the parking lot, with the reconstruction materials

We're not supposed to be here

First close up view of a tower

Up on the wall at Jiankou

Happy to be done with the boring part of the trail


Following the ridgeline

Towers everywhere

Lots of cherry blossoms

Heading up

Well worn but intact

Scramble up the broken steps

Looking backwards

Semi-circular portal

Hugging the ridge

Cherry blossoms

In front of the hazy valley

Moving towards a crumbled watchtower

Along the ramparts

Jiankou panorama

Pink and purple explosion

Showing some cracks

Overcast ridgelines

Popping into the ruined tower

Square tower with approach

All alone, on guard

All alone up on the wall

All alone up on the wall

Lichens and mortar

Some original paving in place, but most is long gone

Semi-flat stretch

Heading back to try the other direction

Arches only left for this tower

Largely intact tower with other hikers

Just a mess of stone at this point

Portal view

Low clearance, mind your head

Super steep section ahead

A large group makes it slow descent

Bent over the top

A few colorful dots of other hikers

Loosely reconstructed section

Scaffolding and flags ahead

View from the top

Our high point of the hike

Death to selfie-sticks

About to cleave off

Flowering trees and haze

Newly rebuilt section

Rustic scaffolding

Reconstructed stretch

Looking down

The steep and narrow

Totally retaken by plants

Pausing for a water break

Surrounded by blooms

Like a giant snake

Crumbling cross-section

Black-billed magie (AKA, Oreo crow)

Black-billed magpie in flight

Appetizer sampler

Our duck being carved

Duck condiment tray

Peking duck

Main train station at night

Dark alleyway


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