Home - 2017 - China - Day 3 - Beijing

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Hotel cat in the courtyard

View down from the patio

Higher-rise section of the neighborhood

Sculpted concrete roof

Under cover in the courtyard

Entering the night market area, in the day


Tripe for everyone!

Bugs on skewers

The massive line for the Forbidden City

Meridian Gate

Hall on the gate

Other end of the gate

A sea of people

Tulips in Zhongshan Park

Enjoying the less crowded surroundings

Moat around the Forbidden City

Southwest corner of the moat

On the steps in front of the art galleries

In the corner of Zhongshan Park

Up on the little hill

Haze starting to gather

Tiananmen Square in the late morning gloom

Walking through the Silk Market

A little maintenance work

Outside of the market

Dumplings for lunch

High rises, some under construction

Saying hi to the birds

No shortage of cell phone stores

Beijing night market

Scorpions on a stick (still moving)

Wangfujing Street


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