Home - 2017 - China - Day 2 - Beijing and Summer Palace

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Beijing subway, not too overloaded

Ticket kiosk at Summer Palace

Rock feature

The first of many painted eaves

Under protective wire

Nice mustache

Interiors closed to the public

Bronze bird

Embedded in the rock

Pink blooms

Boats out on Kunming Lake

Tower of Buddhist Incense

Pedestrian bridge

Small jetty

Around the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity

Strolling in the sun

Layered buildings

Big nest in the bare branches

White blossoms

Peeling column

Looking up Front Hill

Gate on the hill

Top of Sea of Wisdom Temple

Green and yellow facade on Sea of Wisdom Temple

Pagoda in the distance

Green figures

Inside the now snack bar

Relaxing in the shade

Tower lurking behind the wall

View of the other bridge, from Banbi Bridge

More white flowers

One of the many gates

Lots of color

Marble Boat

Pretending to be heading out to sea

More boats on Kunming Lake

Part of the Long Corridor

Paintings on each section

Temple of Buddhist Virtue from along the shore

Don't steal my ball!

Looking up the hill

The Long Corridor

Digging into a self-heating lunch

The heating element

Climbing up the hill again

View back toward the rest of Beijing

Ground-level view of the tower

Tower of Buddhist Incense

Inside the tower, an eight-level pagoda

Yellow and green glazed roof

Painted beam

Looking over to the Sea of Wisdom Temple

About to trek down the stairs

Shiqikong Bridge and Nanhu Island

Wide view from the top of Front Hill

Descending into the courtyard for Cloud Dispelling Hall

Less colorful arch

Looking back up

Green and red

Fence around the Bronze Pavilion

Doors, returned to China after theft

Ornate walkways

Bronze Pavilion, made of solid bronze

White arch, from the other side

Bright gold accents

Kinda scary looking


Cloud-Dispelling Hall

One of the halls around the Cloud-Dispelling Hall

Bell Tower, Beijing

Drum Tower, Beijing

Top of Bell Tower, closed by the time we got there

Sidewalk caligraphy

Turtle for sale

Guluo Street - lots of pet shops, music shops, and other exciting options

Workout options

Mysterious street fire near our hotel


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