Home - 2016 - Holiday trip - Wisconsin

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Entering the garden at the Milwaukee Public Museum


Backlit and translucent

Foggy lens from the humidity

Electric green

Waiting for a creature to alight

A visitor

Perusing the paper

Baklava chefs in action

Supervising the baklava carefully

Chomping on cereal

About to give chase

Fresh socks!

Stocking discovery

Ear frostbite sets in

Other ear adornment

Ruth and Max go to work


A team effort

Excited to snap

Experimenting with the new train gear

A relatively sedate Christmas-observed

Coffee coffee coffee

Cookie gathering

Stacy's leg stash

Prepping the holiday table

Sitting down for the meal

Getting suspicious

A touch upset for a moment

Big money prize

Grab bag, in progress

Ruth takes her turn

Considering a trade

Max, android inspector

Confident in his soon-to-be-stolen prize

Hawking the cash

Artist's house

Sculpture tour

Trekking through the snow

A light dusting

The crew, arrayed as they should be

Everyone, including those now partially hidden

Frosty window

Crystaline car roof


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