Home - 2016 - Germany - Day 6 - Rothenburg to Dresden

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Inside of Jakobskirche

Stained glass window

Newish pipe organ

Main alter

The whole place

Baptismal font

Up and in the back

Angular organ

It's old!

From the back pew

Starting to take a morning stroll

Outside the walls

Round tower

Burg Hotel, from outside the wall

Wrapping around

View fmor Burggarten

Towers of all permutations

In Burggarten

At the viewpoint

Full view from the park

Beautiful day for a stroll

Pedestrian gate

Enjoying the view

Like in a mini Christmas tree

High and low

This guy knows how to party

Tending the vines

Descending into the valley

Tiny flowers

Kobolzellkirche, from the 14th century

Not a bad spot to live

Double bridge

Double bridge and Rothenburg up on the hill

Just when you thought it couldn't get cuter, baby alpacas!

Collect all the colors

Freshly sheared

Alert and ready

Toppler Castle, from 1388

Fuchs mühle (waterwheel)

Toppler schlosschen from the other side

Bird condos

Covered pedestrian bridge

Tauber Valley

Going to seed

Starting the uphill return

Clinging to the wall

Reentering the city

Pretzel time


Living room at the hotel

Time to hit the road again

Top down, ready to cruise

The "back seat"

Kiling some bugs

Windmills sprinkled throughout

Church at high speed

In the slow construction zone

More windmills

Bright green

Part of Zwinger in Dresden

Cholerabrunnen, a thank-you fountian to cholera for not hitting Dresden

Inside the courtyard at Zwinger

Zwinger galleries

Milling around

Heading out the gate

Center of the yard



Elbe River

Looking upstream

Taking a break

North bank of the Elbe

Getting overcast


Wandering down the main tourist stretch


In our room at Schloss Eckberg

Our window

View over the Elbe

Looking left from the window

Hot air balloons

Fruit plate in the room

Dusk setting in

Night over the Elbe

Schloss Eckberg all lit up

Breakfast area

Rothenburg panorama


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