Home - 2016 - Germany - Day 4 - Dachau

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Outside of our hotel, Le Meridien

Hauptbahnhof, the central train station, right across the street

Inside the station

Caffeine acquired

Bus stop at Dachau

Entrance to the memorial site

Approach to Dachau

The iron entrance gate

Work sets you free

The roll-call square

Jourhaus, the only original entrance

Guard tower

Between the "bunker" and the main building

Inside the Bunker

Looking down the hall

Door hardware

Minimalist lighting

Empty hallways

Never again

Original painting on a support column

No smoking, please

The baths

Main building and sculpture

Outer perimeter

Tower and gate

Lockers in the reconstructed barracks

Bunks in the barracks

Main building from the opposite end

Downtown Dachau

Onion-domed tower

Gyro - lunching success

Mousaka for me

The one place open for lunch mid-afternoon

Our room at Le Meridien

Church near our dinner destination

Schwarzreiter, the highlight dinner of the trip


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