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Photographer: Various

Staging things on the sidewalk

Coffee before hitting the road

Passport in hand

Strolling through the garden

Escaping the drizzle

Relaxing before dinner

At the Napa Valley Reserve

Soaking up the sun

At the blue door

Relaxing in the garden before the meal

On the ferry

The Golden Fire Hydrant, which saved the Mission District in 1906

Ready for a paddle

Out on Big Bear Lake

Peeking back

The tiniest of the chainsaw bear sculptures

Down at the water

Ready to hit the real trail

Upwards toward Bertha Peak

Taking a breather after a race

Break time

Up at the top

Sunday hiking crew

Victory poses

Coming down from Gray's Peak

Time to load up the packs

Ready to hit the trail

Big laughs

Joining up with the Pacific Crest Trail

A very sad picnic table

Sitting in the shade

Packs lighter after drinking most of the water

Ready for another day of hiking

Time to depart

Rounding the corner

One more by the road crossing

Lined up

Ready to tackle Bertha Peak

Killing time at Inland Center Mall while the car charges

Rallying for the party

Unpacking the boxes

All pretty at the first stop


Lots of ladies

Outside at Cougar

Sandal attack

Outside at Callaway

Sitting down for dinner

The ladies

The ladies and our cruise director

Paul Hefner

Finally getting some respect

What a classy group




Getting crazy

An eclectic bunch

Me and Stacy

Murray, Gilbert, and Stacy

Hiding in the shade

Accepting the challenge

Going down

Determined to stay up

Thrown again

The full crew

The full crew

The ladies

The ladies

The ladies

The ladies, now complete

Poison Ivy and Katana

Dinner at the Krazy Coyote

Prepping for dinner

Waiting for picture time

Gagging with spoon

Me and Stacy

The whole crew

Slightly goofier

The ladies

Ladies again

Relaxing, with coffee

Playing cards

Dote hamming it up

The brunch crowd

All eight of us

About to head out to checkout playa artwork

Playa Barbie #1

Cruising the playa

Giant metal arch

Out at the trash fence

Getting a fortune from a mirrored cat

Inside the memorial

Reading the message


Stacy and Terry in the O

Makeup in progress

Ready to venture out

All made up

The Waggle Lounge Meadery fills up

In the lounger

Thinking "this is crazy"

Removing the lights

Taking it all in

Our camp, watching from the distance

Covered in dust

Dinner prep in progress

Gearing up for the morning hike

Treking along

Up to the ridge

Red dirt trail

Dropping non-backpacks at the hotel

Fuel for the first day on the trail

Hitting the trail

Trudging down the trail, thankful for the overcast skies

Glamor shots

A campfire, when backpacking, in California!

Heading up on a day hike

Overlooking the campsite

Return to Parsons Landing

Cooling off

Hiding spot in the shade

Ready to catch the Cyclone back to Avalon

We're on a boat too

On the go

Considering some early morning BBQ

Pre-flight stretching

Our very own stuffed animals

Bliss at 30,000 feet, with wine flight

Dinner is served

Made it to the hotel in Beijing

Strolling in the sun

Relaxing in the shade

Digging into a self-heating lunch

About to trek down the stairs

Bell Tower, Beijing

Workout options

Enjoying the less crowded surroundings

Up on the little hill

Walking through the Silk Market

Dumplings for lunch

Ready to conquer

Happy to be done with the boring part of the trail

Heading up

Scramble up the broken steps

Popping into the ruined tower

All alone, on guard

All alone up on the wall

All alone up on the wall

Our high point of the hike

Looking down

Pausing for a water break

Packed and ready for the train

On the high speed train, at about 300 kph

Stacy's a fan of the room in Pingyao, at Jing's Residence

Meat on a stick

Late afternoon sun on the wall

Strolling on the wall

Looking at the newer parts of the city

Up on the wall

Ready for training

County Government area

Just outside the Tower of the Immortal Fox

Tiny dog time!

A quick break before heading down

Snow Beer - allegedly the best selling (but not best-tasting) beer in the world

Winding up


Settling in for a massage

Stacy signing an autograph for one of her many fans

Saying goodbye to the fancy hotel room

In the cart for the short ride to the taxi

Greyhound sighting!

Eggs and noodles for breakfast (approximately $1.25)

Inside the gardens

Relaxing on the less crowded path

Fresh, raw garlic for the table

Posing with her new buddy

Out for a peaceful walk

It's hardly raining at all anymore

In the lights

Sniffing around

Su Xiaoxiao's tomb

Nice place to sit for a moment

Checking out downtown

Quick lunch at the train station

Massage chair in the waiting room

Business class on the high speed train


Checking out the Shikumen Open House Museum, which feels very Temple of Doom intro


KFC delivery moped vs minivan in a very narrow alley

Relaxing in a quiet corner with a view of the rockery

Taking a break

Up in the VIP section

Glad we got onto the front deck

Late afternoon sun

My lovely date

Sipping a cocktail in the fairly empty bar

Final sun glow

Perusing the menu at Lost Heaven

Settling into the new purse

Checking out Fuxing Park

Exploring the alleys around Taikang Road

Scheming shopper

Vending machine books

Leave my pigs alone, mythical creature!

Checking out our hot pot bounty

A little wine in the VIP lounge

Giving it a good pump

Other end of the table

Applying lotion, or slapping - take your choice

All the young people

Two tiers

The whole crowd

Arranging the grab bags

Everyone expect poor Max

Entering the garden at the Milwaukee Public Museum

A visitor

Perusing the paper

About to give chase

Fresh socks!

Coffee coffee coffee

Cookie gathering

Stacy's leg stash

Sitting down for the meal

Getting suspicious

Max, android inspector

Sculpture tour

The crew, arrayed as they should be

Everyone, including those now partially hidden

Stacy at the pool

Heading back to the house

Studying up ahead of time

Hydrate first

Legacy and chump

Sampling the "low alcohol" martini

Up at the bar again

Adding the bitter

Back in our seats

Getting a little tipsy

Fourth and final

We survived!

Chaos at the cat shelter

Prepping for pickleball

Enjoying the sun

Not yet at full speed

The fishing begins

First catch - yellowtail!

Hogfish, soon to be dinner

Another grouper


Victory beer

Lazy return home

Lounging on the newly restored seawall

Being amused by the pelicans

New Year's Eve

Adding the photographer to the mix

Looking like trouble

Dancing it out


On the run

Last day in Key Largo

Down at the water


Cartful of troublemakers

Return to pickleball

New Year's Day

Alternate angle

Out in the ocean

Hooks in the water

Reeling in the barracuda

Poking the fish

The cornhole battle begins

Beans in the air

Stacy's turn

And now Lisa's


Getting distracted

Pre-dinner photo

The obligatory silly shot

Checking out the orchid tree

In front of the orchid tree

Opening the glitter bomb

Modeling the hair clips

Inspector Betty approves

Mug and mirror

Enjoying the spray and wind on the Point

Taking in the performance

Unpacking the loot

Sitting down to the holiday meal

Cookie time

The whole gang

The whole gang, one with a fun hat

Entering the Escape

A fresh Pig bag!

The full crew

Incognito mode

Approaching the Milwaukee Art Museum

Up in the tuna tower

Heading out to sea

Last loungers

Perfectly medium-rare prime rib

Taking in the scenery

Stacy and Lisa

Soaking up the sun

Nearing the end of our cruise

A friendly card game

Enjoying the rejuvenated hot tub

Family shot

Giving some direction

All five of us

Ruth chomps into an apple

Sitting down for dinner

The whole gang

Ruth gets her nails done

Lots of pink

Chowing at Culver's

Jill gets cookies to go

Meeting a friend

Rearing up

Off to the races

Up in the air

Taking off

Heading south

Turning around

Sprinting back

In the foam

A fun run

Stopping short

Sneaking past the goalie

Splashing along

Ready to hit the trail to test the gear

Fire pit after dinner

Taking in the ocean view

Checking out the sunset

Out for a spin

Screaming yellow, screaming fast

Ruth's turn at photographer

The horde descends

Out on the deck

The whole gang

Stacy and the graduate

Sneak attack

Happy grad

Gathered in the rental house

Pizza dinner

Waiting to board the boat

Running in the fountain

Embracing the bean

Taking it all in

Prepping the cauliflower

At our destination for the night in Rancho Santa Fe

Smelling the roses, as usual

Waiting for lunch to be ready


Getting back in under the hot sun

Bracing for the takeoff

Heading out on a walk

Tesla meets snow

Tesla, Stacy, and me

Warm but snowy

Burt and Stacy

Drying out on the porch

Up at the top of North Fortuna

Relaxing for a minute in the heat

A knowing smile

Behind the scenes at Micro Bear's Instagram shoot

Waiting at SAN for our flight

A little luxury shopping at Heathrow

Starting out right with 1 liter of beer after very little sleep on the plane

Tunneling through towards Englischer Garten

Strolling around Englischer Garten (English Garden)

Pork shank for lunch!

Caffeine acquired

Gyro - lunching success

The car has arrived!

Hopping in (brand new Porsche 911 4S convertible)

Top down, ready for action

Taking the wheel

Near the entrance of Schloss Hohenschwangau

Back into the car

Streching its legs

Happy driver

I think she had fun

Filling the kettle

Heading up to the wall

Up on the wall

In Burggarten

At the viewpoint

Enjoying the view

Starting the uphill return


Kiling some bugs

Taking a break

In our room at Schloss Eckberg

Post-breakfast gazing

On the castle's grounds

Getting fresh


Sneaky American

At the inner wall

Cafe breakfast

Stacy and me

It's bright

Strolling through, checking the wares

Ice cream break

Relaxing before hitting the second floor

Filling up

Just about dinner time

Most of the ladies

Watching the video

The whole crew

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Group shot #3

Group shot #5

Group shot #6

Watching the Borrego video

Ready to dine

On the cart to the helicopter

Rotors spinning up

Seated and ready

Heading over the water

Thumbs up!

Loving it

Happy passenger

Coconut refresher



Macadamia nut crusted seafood

Hitting the Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail

Acorn beret


Just past the saddle

Inside the hollow

At Tahquitz Peak

The lookout tower

Prepping for the hike down

Finishing the prep

First major junction

Hydration pouch success

Rounding the back of the hill

Making friends

Cocktail hour lineup

Sweet shades

Stacy and Kris

Watch out

Settling into the cabin

Perusing the Julian museum

Ready to chow down

Tesla winds up

Tesla sneaks in

Everybody lined up

Making the cut

Smooth sailing

Taking another notch

Clearing out the cabinets

Shall we destroy?

Strategizing on the sink cabinet

A gentle slice

Tile has been smashed

Sweeping up some of the drywall carnage

A few rows down

Stepping carefully

Final piece

Sweet relief

Gazing out at the Getty Villa

Rose inspector

Inside the alcove

Cruising back to the hotel

Back to the trailhead

Getting our bearings

Snack time

Out in the dry, dry mountain air

Embarking on Sunset Trail, from the Meadows Trailhead

About to cross the dam at the foot of Big Laguna Lake

Taking a break

Taking in the view

Readying to move out

Ready to open the wall

The slicing begins

With the proper tool, all jobs are easy and safe

Painting to match

Removing the old outlet

Moving on to some finishing work

Stacy with a nailgun

Down comes the trim

One piece left

Taking it all in

Cutting out the half-circles

Officially completing the project

Waiting to board the tram at the Getty

About to get trapped in the tar

Short break in the blazing sun

Time to wake up!

Sneaking in a small dog in a jaunty scarf

Observing wryly

Stacy, Lisa, and LaVonne

Wine and old letters

Gathering 'round the fire for a good story

Rayne's turn with the camera

Odin looking very pleased at getting a ride at last


Reacting to crazy pictures from China

More China stories

Spanning four generations

Rayne and a blur of hair

Tilting back

Whizzing by

Coming to a halt

A bit dizzy after returning to stable ground

Getting close to the front of the line

Heading up

A wide variety of emotions

Stretched hand holding

Curving back around


Uncontrolled laughter

Down the chute

Starting to kick up some spray

Here comes the wave


Remarkably dry

Heading upwards in the heat

Crowd at Moonlight Beach

At the Rady Shell (check the screens)

Enjoying the cocktail hour

Wandering Coronado

In the sand

At the tail end of our Balboa Park walk

Lunch at Stone

Sunday picnic on the beach

Dipping a toe in

Reported to be chilly

Out for a walk at Dust Devil Nature Trail

So close to wildlife

An overlook of sorts

Splashing around

Heading for the water

Walk with greyhound, run with scissors

Seafood platter appetizer at Bourbon House

Double purple

Wandering Louis Armstrong Park

Inside St Louis Cemetary 2

Back to the hotel to relax

Po boys at Mother's

Ready for beignets

Snake charmer

Fast friends

Stacy and Lisa

Sneak attack

Enjoying the relative solitude at the point

Down at the beach

Celebrating the start of the trip

On the plane, starting to make trouble

The people stuck in the middle start to wish for new seats

Waiting for our tents to clear the stinkbug inspection

Grabbing a ride

Sniffing the flowers

A few backpacks

Still awake!

Settling in at the Sugar Club

Something to see!

Checking out the old mining stuff

Across the bridge, into the tunnel

Karangahake Tunnel Walk

Working the rails

Andrew's favorite bridge so far

Checking in with our buddy Gollum

Welcome to Hobbiton, indeed

Beers at lunch

Hoisting a sour

Lunch has arrived!

Boarding the gondola

Queentown in the background

At the top of the gondola ride

In front of the Remarkable range

Helmets on for safety!

Ready to race

Stinky breezes

Waiting for our first flight

Upright in the Skycouch

Back in San Diego, feeling fresh

Thinking about taking a dip

Quick stop at the falls

Wairere Falls

Checking out the shore of Lake Taupo

Late afternoon light

In front of Mt Doom, about to embark

In front of Mt Ngauruhoe

Stacy and me

At our high point

About to descend toward the Blue Lake

Crater lineup

In the woods, trying to make the earlier shuttle

Done and with beer!

Nice to sit down for a bit

Looks like we're in for a wait

In the lounge, trying to get the WiFi to work

First wine-tasting stop

Hiding in the foliage

Second dog spotted

Outdoor sipping

Repacking for Abel Tasman

Farewell, boat!

Taking stock of the gear

Ready to depart

Getting some gravity assistance

Our turn to cross

Pausing at the viewpoint

Packs still on - must be a short break

A little lunchtime wading at Bark Bay

Clear and shallow water

Bark Bay, with campsites in the background

Back on the trail

Tonga Quarry area

Setting up camp at Onetahuti Bay

Happy it's happy hour

Out on a limb

Watching the dismount skeptically

Enjoying the beach

Cooking up some dinner in the kitchen shelter

Serving up the feast

Boots on!

On the move again

Rolling into Awaroa Lodge

Cold drinks, what luxury

Taking the shortcut

Fending off the sandflies

Stacy's finest blister

Nice lazy start to the morning


Pausing in the field

Pause to drop off some other passengers

Happy riders

Drinks have arrived

And now food!

Off to feed the pigs

Breakfast scraps!

The South Island's longest swing bridge


In front of yet another waterfall

Stacy's turn

A running start


Flying down


Done flying

Big finish

At the Perpendicular Point overlook

Checking into the Punakaiki Beach Hostel

Time for river kayaking

Hopping in the boats

Super lush

Working against the current

Cruising along

Passing the rapid section

Relaxing in the sun

Enjoying the paddle

Much easier going with the current!

Winding downstream

Navigating the rapids


Perched on the side of the path

Sunset rapidly approaches

Incoming spelunkers

Pancakes all around

In front of the swinging bridge

Out at the edge


On the bouncy cantilevered section

Settling in at our rental in Franz Josef Village

Early morning, stumbling toward the helicopter staging area

Taking in the waterfall

Soaking up the drizzle

As close as we got to the ice

Beers at lunch

Suiting up for the flight

Flight cancelled!

Joyous breakfast

Tromping through the swamps

Sad to be missing the glaciers

Swatting a sandfly

Stop at Haast Visitor Center

Picnic spot at the visitor center

Probably getting devoured by sandflies

In front of Thunder Creek Falls

A really substantial swing bridge

Back to the car

Bench at our chalet for the evening

Wandering downtown Wanaka

Andrew being driven insane by the crooked squares

In the driftwood pile at Lake Wakatipu

Down at Lake Wakatipu

Trying to make friends

All nice and dry

Crossing the Route Burn (the river)

Tramping like pros

Try not to fall off the bridge

Enjoying the sunny trails

Poking around the meadow

Escaping the sandflies

Chowing down

Soaking in the waterfalls

Packing up and enjoying the shelter

Ready and pumped

Maximum: 2

Scooting across

Climbing toward Lake Harris

Time to wade

Under the Lake Mackenzie kitchen shelter

Hunkered down

Pausing at an overlook

Day three is fun

Shaking off the spray

Another nice viewpoint

Kicking back

About to jump on the first boat

Boat for the Lake Manapouri crossing

Warm and dry on the boat

Sipping our hot drinks, indoors

New sunnies

Getting to the next part of the trek

Starting the cruise right


Our cozy but comfy cabin



Bigger rockfish

Spiny lobster

Setting out in the kayaks

Rain picking up

Oystercatcher on the rock

Still raining

Booze cruising

All of us

On the lookout for penguins

Penguin seeking

Breakfast time

Shortbread bliss

Our AirBnB in Queenstown

Hunkering down under the beak

Champion of the giant pretzel

On the Skyfari

Up close with the wacky birds

Packs on and ready to move

Hiking down the canyon

Another clearing

Stream crossing

A bit of uphill

Lots of bikes on Saturday

Last bit of Noble Canyon

Trailhead almost sited

Fine dining al fresco

Taking a breather

Refilling water

All blue

Shady lunch spot

Lazy Saturday morning

Soaking in the sun and surf

A nice warm dip

Dishing it out

Sitting down to dinner

Staring down the pup

Gathered around the twins

Post-dinner chatting

The larger group

Two troublemakers

Sunday afternoon

Setting up for cards

Beware the scorekeeper

Relaxing in the shade

Watching the antics

Thanks for the bench, Jimmy!

Deciding on which approach to use

Peeking down

Stacy and Christine

Aaron and Stacy

The whole group attempting to get aligned

Maximum presentability

Now for some fun

With the big Sculpterra cat

In our dinner tent

Waiting for the next course

Dessert arrives

In the butterflies

Having lots of fun

Watching the water critters

Wandering at Liberty Station

Showing off the new tatoos

Heading north on the PCT

Quick stop at the overlook

Approaching the summit


Taking our seats on the long flight

Walking the grounds

Barefoot in the grass

Checking in on the dog with lots of food alergies

A multi-course extravaganza

Lunch at the counter

Sauntering through the market

Coffee acquired

Taking in the hotel

In the chapel at the hotel

Looking out the back

Big doors

Heading down the hotel steps

Up on the balcony

Sneaking throught the narrow streets, fortuntely on foot

Heading to dinner

Soaking up the fire

Heading back to the hotel

Qorikancha ruins

At the overlook

Surveying the scene

Overlooking the site

Crossing the plaza

Attracting dogs wherever we are

Returning to the hotel

Grabbing some breakfast

A wide variety of natural dyes

Showing the laborious weaving technique

Petting the baby alpaca

Wandering the ruins

Lounging in the trees

In the micro-quarry

Down in the valley

Not quite alone, but mostly wandering solo

Taking in the Andes

Blue skies and puffy clouds

At a quiet spot

In the doorframe

Meeting the steed

Empty trails

Arriving at the lunch spot

Boots off, feet up

Taking a break

First real stream of the trail

Enjoying the afternoon sun

Alongside the bubbling brook

Afternoon shadows creeping across the valley

In the spacious tent

Riding on up

Clouds starting to roll in

Taking the longer but horse-friendly approach to the pass

At the pass


Short break before charging ahead again

Marching on

Still clear skies

Through the grass

Back on the trail, chasing a cow

Bridges are getting bigger

Making friends before the pup starts nipping

Pre-breakfast walk

Crossing the temporary irrigation stream

Entering the smaller Llactapata ruins

Almost done with the third day's hiking

Only eight years old

Checking out the mummy cubbies

In the sun temple

From the top of Patallacta

Our trekking crew - two horsemen, two tourists, one chef, and one guide

Flat area after the climb

About to go up again

Passing the Inca Trail hordes

KM 82 on the Inca Trail

Saying hello to Shaggy

Ready for a real bed

Chaos at the Machu Picchu Town station

At the big viewpoint

At the viewpoint

Taking in the views

The Sacred Rock, mirroring the range behind it

Valley views

Close to the exit

Inside a reconstructed roof

A very cozy bus seat

Our room at the Casa Morey

Cervantes statue

The rubble of the morning market

Fish and plantain for lunch

On the top deck

Walking down to the dock to catch the boat to dinner

Lots of food

Wearing the vest while we're close to town

After the transfer to the small boats

Into the jungle on an afternoon hike

Late afternoon glow

Swimming in the Amazon

At the giant lily pads

Another day, another boat ride

Moises looking a little suspicious of Stacy

Woodfish on the line

The catch of the day

Relaxing after catching half the fish for the group

In the midst of the big tree roots

Reading at the cabin

Under the parasol

Setting up the tents

Ready for a hike

End of the hike, we thought, but no boat yet

Stacy, Moises, and me on the dock

Freshly painted faces

At the zoo entrance

Facepainting by Burt

Own and fish, taking flight

In front of the lions

Fish and green things

Getting tickled

It fits!

Ready to chow down

Home hair care

Salon fresh

Salmon and other treats

Another nice dinner

Tuna and curry on the plate

Cutting the hole for the ducting

A little tape

Check out that air flow

Hitting the trail

Heading into the mine

Taking in the sunset

Almost gone

Heading down the Painted Desert Trail, in reverse!

Pausing at the bench

Up front

Stacy and me

Enticing the dogs into the water

Hoping the humans return alive

Andrew supervises the construction project

Visitors arrive

Popping up


Swinging wide



Considering another run

An old pro

All done

Time for bottle number two


Keeping it classy

Good to the last drop

Just before sundown

Sitting down to dinner


Zoe getting some much needed attention in the back

Watermellon water for Tesla

On the move

Armada of two boats

Holding down the fort

Back at base camp

Heading down the shore

Getting Tesla riled up

A run in the waves

Almost time to pack up

Packing up

Heading back home

Relaxing morning

Skier in the water!

Stacy's turn

The dogs happily in the water at last

Nyla gets a handle

A little horseshoes

Almost ready for happy hour

Sitting down to dinner

Relaxing in the lounge

Our room on the train, in the rain

Umbrella down, for the moment

Happy the sun is out

Up at Santa Barbara Point

On the prowl for breakfast

At the end of the wharf

Shark attack!

In search of ostrich

Watching Dan's technique

Pretzels for all

All the hikers

Doing a walk-by of the original Starbucks

Breakfast at Lowell's

Exploring the spice wall

Ultra premium beverage at Starbucks Reserve

On the ferry

Pretzel at the farmer's market

Stacy at the view point

Dinner at Etta's


Enjoying the Sunday afternoon sun

Happy in the mountain air

Bridge number two

At the top of the hill

Counting construction cranes

At Golden Gardens

Checking out the river

Dipping in the toes

Chilly but nice

Happy to be out of the car

Cleaning up the shoreline


A quick sit

Refilling on the go

Returning to Panther Gap

Trapped inside the sequoia

Stacy and Mitch, our guide for the day

In front of Moro Rock

Under the tunnel log

Checking for vanilla scents

Breathing in the aroma

Tree hugger

Up on Moro Rock

A very fine log

A big stump

Hanging with the President

Down at the narrow end

Our lunch stump

Reading break

Dipping in our toes

Enjoying the quiet

After dark

Our tiny sandy beach

Extra green water under the bridge

Mist Falls

Our turnaround and lunch spot

Looking south

On a granite dome

Relaxing the toes

Finishing the chard creation

Beware the siding removal monster

Inspecting the remnants of the original sill

Prepping to make a mess

Stacy in gear

Pry bar ninja

Rehydrating the hidden veggies

Scary prowler alert

Beware a woman with a SawzAll

Bye bye, useless column

Insulating the laundry room

A few more pieces

Doing a test fit

Removing the old

Releasing the beast

Hacking out the post

Coming through

Trying the new router

More garage progress

Some foamy trim boards

Mom gets ready to supervise

Ready to close things out

Alley-side, nearly complete

Ready for the last siding board

Soaking up the morning sun

Gutters on the house

On the right trail now

Found some shade

No cell service? Whoa!

It's true - no shade

Heading into a few boulders

Team Golden, featuring Nyla and Quincy

Up at the top

Waiting for our rental car pickup

At Kate and John's place

Checking out the Roots of Knowledge stained glass

Happy hiker

Nice rest spot in the chilly water

Having fun

Taking a break

Testing the steps

Charging up Watchman trail

Dusk setting in

Relative solitude

Winding around the corner on the paved section

Pausing at a switchback

Steep drop-off, with helpful chain

Full south-facing panorama

Taking in the views

Victory poses

North-facing pose

One more at the turnaround spot

Swapping out gear

Taking refuge from the rain

A momentary but welcome break in the rain

Trying to dry everything out

Found some snow

At a little pass

Crumbled mud and rock


By the little waterfall

Tiny cave

Beyond the road closed sign at Fish Lake

Stormy to the right

Getting a little breezy

About halfway back

Back in the sun

Holding up the roof

Trickling water through the crack

Trying out the new water shoes

Inside the cottage

Soaking up the view

Liking the setting

Happy camper

Up at Mesa Arch

Setting out on the Syncline Trail

Starting the loop, ready for the difficulty

Threading through the cairns

Second half of the loop

Approaching the boulder field

Soaking our feet at lunchtime

Up in the boulders

Clear of the boulders, trudging up

Happy that we've got less company

In the nook

Under the span

At Double-O Arch

Time to head home

Pine Tree Arch, our final stop

Wandering the campus of UBC

Testing the waters

In the crook

Play time

The photographer has been discovered

A little wary of the attention

Cruising the waters

Walking the waterfront

On the approach to the Granville Bridge

The whole gang

Just a touch silly

Dual screen time

Checking out the winch