Home - 2015 - Cambodia - Day 7

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Tractor turning onto a main road in Siem Reap

Approaching the Mountain Dew sign

In the tk tk on a rainy day

Monk on a moto

Roadside vendors

Squared off

Puttering down the road

Furniture delivery

Green fields near Banteay Srei

Lily pads

One of the outer buildings

Intricate lintel

Door framing

Hexagonal column

Ruined section

Partially stabilized

Low wall

Multiple doorways

Well preserved window

View down the processional walkway

Processional walkway, with view of East Gopura

Everything is covered

Ruined section

Reassembled lintel


The main sturctures

Expanding out

View from the north east

The moat in the drizzle

Cobwebbed wall

View from the north

Central towers

More sandstone

Ancient Khmer

Approaching the inner courtyard

Short pedestal

Inner sanctuary

Green roof

Three towers

Standing by one of the libraries

Still guarded

Still very much intact

Central figure

Lion head

Leaning heads

Narasimha, I think?

Centered window

Touring in the mist


Three-headed elephant

Multi-headed cobra

Lion corner piece


Another lintel

Yet another lintel

Seems happy

Central towers and library


Existing to the west

Rice paddies

Glowing lily pads

Water paths

Beading up nicely

Trying to hide

As always, exit through the gift shop(s)

Cambodian Landmine Museum

Disarmed grenades

Lots of old Soviet UXO (unexploded ordinance)

Both anti-tank and anti-personnel varieties

Lots of firepower

More old mines

Simulated minefield

Buried mortar

Now on to the butterflies

Enormous moth - Great Momron

A little chewed up

Emerging from the chrysalis

Still inside the hatching cage

Walking stick

Yellow moth

Attaching the chrysalis

All lined up

Many shapes and colors


Lime butterfly being eaten by a spider



Common India Crow?

Leopard lacewing


About to take off

Another leopard lacewing

Great Momon

Swooping in

Non-winged options as well

Common Jay



Attempting escape

Vibrant orange

Fresh coconut with lunch

Unloading a bunch of dirt

Water buffalo

Muddy puddles in town

Tending to the rice


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