Home - 2015 - Cambodia - Day 6

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Assorted books in Khmer

Mini science books

Inflating the new volleyballs

Headed down the muddy road to Poum Steung

Travling on foot from this point

Doing a little fishing

Grazing cattle

Dirty dog

Sarith gets picked up

Across the Roger/Sarith bridge to the school

Rubbish heap

Mancala board in the ground

Out in the playground

Curious but shy

Inside the library

Harry Potter translated into Khmer

Library, built by Atlassian

The Little Squid Uses a Computer, a true classic!

Playing the game

Newest building on the grounds

The main classroom building

Taking aim

Ducking the incoming projectile

Explaining how to zoom

Tech devotee

Already mastered it

Lining up for a photo shoot

In front of the window, class still in session

Peeking out

Taking a breather

Happy kids


All alone in the classroom

Lounging outside

Looking dubious

Up on the sill

Moving fast with lunch in hand

Good balancing

Showing off the iPad

Dirty shirt

Handing out the sporting goods

Accepting the volleyball gear

Taller than average

Some of the older kids

Boys in the back corner

Up in the first row

Looking in

I made the board

Waiting patiently

Roger says a few words

And takes a quick video

Eager for the volleyball to be released

Unidentified green plastic item

The ducklings wander in

Racing to set up the net

Recess time

Escaping from all exits

The net goes up

Affixing the top

Glad I'm not up on that ladder

Now for the other side

Intense concentration

A little bit timid

The game is on

More photos

Net straightened out

Good form

Watch out

The ducks watch the game

Back to the muddy road

Hoping the net holds up for a long time

Pet pig

Traditional boats

Not quite as watertight

Unloading the bikes

Doing some quick assembly

Looks road-worthy

Testing the brakes



Not sure this would fly on US roads

Cruising through

And they're off

Basket in hand

Wondering when he gets a bike

The stream departs

Tiny pup

Up on stilts


Inside the Angkor National Museum

The Angkor National Museum

Dissected leaf

Still holds some water

Afternoon rain

Empty pool

Fountain is off

Looking across the pool to the restaurant

Construction in progress

Deep blue

Water tower

Cambodian reindeer

One of the many hotel cats

Post-dinner conversation at the Elephant Terrace

Ingredient display

A giant snail

Gecko, about 16" long

Double geckos


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