Home - 2015 - Iceland - February 20 - Drive from the south to the west

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Clouds again

Purple/pink sunrise

Uninhabited farmhouse

In-ground shed, with glacial backdrop

J÷kulsßrlˇn beachfront

Blue ice in the surf

Sunrise is a long-lived affair this time of year

Uncharacterstically crowded for Iceland in February


Crumbled edge

Clear and cloudy

More ripples


Tapered to a point

Through the looking ice

Ring road over the river

Hvannadalshn˙kur from the road

Washed out former bridge section

Developing a fine patina

Grey/green moss

Coating the rocks

A short river hike

DřralŠkjasker - a shelter hut

Black sand floodplain

A raised floor inside the hut

Still stocked with basic provisions

Better than being completely stranded, I suppose

Bubbling along


Skˇgafoss again

Iced moss

Peering down the falls

Ice down below

Misted in frost

Wandering upriver

Top of the falls

A much smaller falls (18 inches, give or take)

Small upper falls

Carved canyon

Looking downriver to the ocean

In the four-mile tunnel

Terraced basalt mountains

Sloping gently to the coast

Vibrant sunset

The full scene

Room at Hotel Egilsen


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