Home - 2015 - Iceland - February 22 - Hanging out in Stykkishˇlmur

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Harbor, empty on a windy winter day

Small boats

The big ferry

Sailboat sculpture

Waves breaking over the breakwater

Lichens eeking out a living

Steeple between the fence slats

A real truck

Looking back toward town

Rocky islands

Harbor and "downtown"


Up in the winds

Looking around the harbor

Horses grazing

Into the belly of the beast

A well-worn boat

Tang & Riis, not open for business

Modest church

Somewhat grander church on the outskirts

In session, by far from crowded

Granite-like ice crystals

Hotel Egilsen

Old water pump

The newer residential section

Tucked in on the water

Lots of gulls

Taking flight

Settling back in

Fuzzy-looking ice crystals

Scallops anyone?

Lots of shell remnants

Ducks hunkered down by shore

No longer operational

I think they're ready

Harpoon and other gear


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