Home - 2015 - Bay Area weekend trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

San Diego train station, pre-dawn

Awaiting trains

East Portal dome, Union Station, LA

Ticket Concourse, Union Station, LA (closed for private event)

My roomette on the Coastal Starlight

Coastal scenery

Photos through Amtrak windows always look like Kodachrome

Last view of the ocean before heading inland

Inside the observation car

View out my window

Lots of rolling hills and utlitiy poles

Sunset sets in

Lucas at the Googleplex

Ruth savors the last birthday cupcake

Inking up the roller

Rolling out the ink

Rosy-cheeked Max

Max goes crawling

Teething ring (not pictured - two teeth!)

Inflating her fancy new dress over the heat vent

Max modeling his sweater pants

The four-year-old on the trail

Out at Coyote Hills

Meandering trail

Taking the other side of the loop

Why did the turkeys cross the road?

A rafter of turkeys

Pecking away

Taking a short break

New Jersey survivors reunion


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