Home - 2015 - Jess, Lisa, and Roman's visit

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Very blue skies

Torrey Pines beach

The work of the five-spined engraver beetle?

Roman takes a break

Unstable cliffs

Lemur pile

Drowsy sniffing

Vulture sunning itself

Lounging by the tram station

Prepping for departure

Mom cheetah and cubs

White rhino gorging itself

Crowned crane

Goliath heron

Broken horn, but otherwise OK



Super long horns

Mom and baby springbok

Cheetahs, unmoved since our tram depature

Egret making a stealthy getaway

Wild cattle, looking pretty tame

Gearing up for zip-lining

On to the safety training

View uphill from the zip line landing area


The riders take their postions

On the line, Roman about to be passed

Getting closer

Pulling away

Coming in for a landing


Roman approaches

Anticipating the sudden stop

Hitting the brakes




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