Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 24

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Zebra convention

Caitlin pops up from the bunker

Hurrying to catch up

Misdirected horns on the middle guy

Slowing and lingering

Kudu parade


Gemsbok hassling the warthogs

Warthogs decide it's time to move on

Coming back

Mike enters

Ozzy asserting himself

Getting ready to rumble

Mike vs Ozzy



Tail and trunk up

Tangled trunks

Looks like an octopus is between them

Ozzy chases Mike out

Not far enough yet

Out into the bush

The chase continues

Sitting in the pan

Coming in for a landing

Dusting again

Puttering about in the mud

Saying hello

Rolling around in the dust and dung


Get back

The young get in on the fighting action

Short-lived fight

Milling at the trough

The kids play on the bunker

Eye contact

Leaning down for a drink

Spotted hyena

Drinking from the mud

Here comes another family

Giraffes don't seem to mind the visitor

Across to the pan, to the trough


Wandering off into the sunset

Clear skies again

Long star trails


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