Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 20

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Playing in ways that would kill me

The three brothers line up for a drink

Tim's departure

Fresh dung samples

Empty in the harsh mid-day sun

Searching for activity

Clear blue skies over the tower

Corner view


Wandering off

Hoping for some gemsbok

Kudu finally get smart and go to the far end of the water

Sneaking off without lunch

The last of the brothers slowly gets up

Hiding in the shade

Gemsbok butting heads

Momentary pause

Lots of kicking

Vulture, likely white-backed

Warty entrance

The Athletes arrive

Clearing out the riff-raff


Big strutting

Poking around in the mud

Looking for goodies

Size comparison - kori bustard and jackal

Walking on (in) water

Very close to camp

Scavenging in the wastewater dump area

Another lovely sunset

First long-exposure attempt

A longer exposure

Research tower under the night sky

All lit up


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