Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 19

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Mom and young cub (less than a year)

Bobtail shows up for a drink

Big scary male lion

Daring the springbok to approach

Sauntering off

Looking for some shade

Lounging in the grass

Lots of empty camp sites at Namutoni

Real bathrooms!

School group up on the tower

Museum in Namutoni

All cleaned up

Wildebeest always look gaunt

Pump repair crew at work

In Tim's words, sawdust with lungs for coloring

A typical lunch spread

Springbok and a group of mongooses

Refreshing mist

A rare herd of eland

Tim ventures outside for photos

Hormonal streaming

Thick tail hair

Out with one group (the Actors), in with another (Slit Ear's)

Slit Ear's group approaches

Splashing in the bath

Over the trough with mom

Keeping away from getting underfoot

A bull approaches

Kudu clearing out in a hurry

Bottom two levels of the tower

Kitchen in full operating mode

Laundry day

Hanging clothes everywhere

The pantry, somewhat depleted

Zebra right outside the back door of camp


Curious back at me

Wondering why we're still here


Dry nibbles

Sunset with clouds

A lone bull remains

A rare cloudy sunset

Nice late afternoon color


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