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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Jason in his room

Jeremy, Luke, John, and Willy with a sign they liberated

Jeremy and Luke with their sign

John, James, and Charlie causing some sort of mayhem

Cheri, Barlo, and Brian bleeding all over the hallway

John and Luke in Charlie and Todd's room

Todd, Damian, and Brian, playing RattlerRace

Brian, James, John, Charlie, and Todd engrossed by the TV

Erez, Todd, Charlie, Brian, and John examine their invention

Jason tears something up

Brian, Todd, Damien, and Jason set up Damian's new computer

Karoke night at Allison

John in his room

John's fish

John, Charlie, and Melissa

Charlie, Melissa, and John

Mark in his room

James in his room

Damian interviews Brian about RattlerRace

The Snake and Brian exchange greetings

Brian studies The Snake's form

The Snake studies Brian's form

Brian's official RattlerRace photo

The Snake and Brian before the showdown

The Snake's official RattlerRace photo

Erez supervising the Superbowl sub

Most of 3 East gathered for the Superbowl

Most of 3 East gathered for the Superbowl

The Superbowl cake

Cheri and James playing a friendly game


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