Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 12

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Early breakfast prep

A fine windscreen, to be sure

Dishwashing station


Hot water, metled butter, and crepes

First bull of the day

Female and male

Coming in for a very brief landing

A crowd at the trough

Strutting with pink shins

Elusive quarry

Two broken tusks

Attempting to scare off a rival

Airborn flock

Fan dancing


Scratchy takes a sip

Slow entrance for a skinny bull

Escorted entrance

Kicking up dust

Afternoon slumbering


Looking worse for the wear

A lot worse

Jackal sniffing

Jackals are tiny!

Spreading for a drink

Another drone flight

Two zebras

Single male

Approaching the pump

Looking for a waterborn snack

In search of dung

Lonely springbok

Dusk approaches

Keeping a lookout for lions

Not quite lined up

Full orange moon

So close

Right in the middle

A little tongue

Full moon rising

Full, bright moon


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