Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 11

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Long string of kudu

Big waddle

Standing solo

Taking baby to the water

Nice beard

Family group running in

High speed drop-off

Must be thirsty

Slipping into the bunker

Getting dripped on

Baby and mom

Scampering around the end of the trough

Two juveniles

Full ears

Coming back for mom


Drinking away from the water

Hello, Slit Ear

Down in the pan

Happy little guy

Leaving the waterhole

Breaking for some dusting

Rolling in the dust

Entering in an orderly fashion

Then taking off

Small family group with tiny baby

Slit Ear back for more

Elephants and ducks, moms and babies

A slower exit this time

Don't forget baby

Moving a little faster

Dusting on the go

Clearing out

Pause before exiting

Down at the waterhole

Nearly a full moon

Up before the sun sets

Moonrise and sunset

Down at the water for sunset


Moon getting higher

Camp in the twilight

Dung Patrol, on the go

Inspecting the sample

Considering the options

A rare dung action shot!


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