Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 10

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Marabou stork, scavenger and largest wingspan of living birds

The lions return

An ugly bird, to be sure


Looking around

Marabou stork in flight

The two ladies

Too many lions


Blacksmith lapwing

Cluster of guineafowl

Stork and zebra

Gemsbok on the far edge of the clearing

Duck chasing the stork away

Lining up


Driving forward

Coming closer

Down for a bit

Chasing away a rival

Come a little closer, springbok!


Moving on

Hiding at the edge of the clearning

Martial eagle

Working on the book

The research table, covered in gear

Nate and Liz waiting for more action

Three bulls entering

A long afternoon of standing around

Older male on the right

String of zebra

Ostrich with very pink shins

Looking away

Thinking about leaving

Kori bustards

Rhino coming in

Broken second horn

Entering the clearing

Smaller bull

Kicking up dust

Rounding the waterhole


Splashing across the trough

Getting driven back


Ozzy chasing

All the way

Still facing off

Coming back to watch the rhino fight

Lions hoping for an injury


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