Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 9

Photographer: Josh Eckels


Early morning lion

A second male wanders in


Settling in by the pump

Here comes their mom

Running together

Back to a stroll

Bobtail and one of the two-year-old males

Soaking up the sun

Holding the waterhole

Bobtail goes in for a drink

Not very scrawny

Happy face

Showing some teeth

Time to tussle

Looking for a snack

Near and far

The eland keep their distance

Thinking about some guineafowl


The three brothers

Rescuing the tortoise

Hibernating tortoise


Stacking rocks around the pump

Perched on the brush

Side by side

Emptying the bunker

Taking a momentary break

Laying the cable for the microphone

Uneven tusks

Missing his left

Time to move on

Gathering at the head of the trough

Opposite gemsbok

Sparring giraffe

Waiting for the next round

Neck swing

Banded mongooses

On the move

Scratchy returns

Surveying the scene by the pump

Run and pause


Looking for danger

Slumped over next to his midden

Lots of bulls

Bringing out the drone

Taking flight

Up up and away


The bulls don't like the drone

Pausing to dust on the way out

Running from the drone

The pilot at work

Coming in for a landing

Bulls return after the trauma of the drone

Looking sleepy

Jackal on the far side of the clearing



Down at the foot of the trough

Sunset approaches

Zebra wandering in for a late afternoon drink

Solo springbok

Two jackals hoping for some duck



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