Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 8

Photographer: Josh Eckels


Springbok grazing at the edge of the clearing

Female kudu

Curled millipede (aka shongololo)

Lots of legs


A big boy

Entering the clearing

Unidentified raptor

Warthog coming down for a drink

Trotting back after a dip

Kudu and eland

Good view of camp

The trough, without any customers

Wary of our presence

It's looking worse

Attempting surgery

Can't leave camp without a vehicle nearby

The belly of the beast

Still in need of patching

A couple of brave kudu

Cinching down

Gathering and waiting


Trimming to size

Large, medium, small

Some are gray

Others are pink


One bull greeting another

Loving bulls

Reaching in to the head

Time to get moving

Reaching over


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