Home - 2014 - Belize - Day 5

Photographer: Josh Eckels

At the dock ready to go for the day trip

Searious Adventures office

Right next to the pier

Baby baracuda

Heading out in search of manatees

Two thirds of the crew

Stark color contrast

On the lookout

Construction project

Fishing shack

Marker for lobster traps

Very low-lying islands


Manatee sighted

Gorging on sea grass

Up for a breath

Stirring up a plume underwater

Snout up for another breath

Slowly puttering around

In profile

Cruise ship and sugar barge

Up close


Coconut pastries (served with a float of rum)

Collecting bait

Another fishing shack

Our lunch destination, Goff's Caye

Another caye across the channel

Snorkeling spot

Looking down the sand bar

From the end of the sand

Not the best wading spot

Pointing out the fire coral - don't touch!

Up close with a sea cucumber/slug

A rare manatee sighting while snorkeling

Chowing down

Motoring on

The reef

Man-made islands in progress

Eagle ray gliding through

Elkhorn coral

Blue tangs and others

Bluestriped grunts, tucked away under the coral

A nurse shark and two stingrays

French angelfish

Coral, fans, and fish

Hiding parrotfish

Brain coral

Photobombing the lunch setup

Lunch spread

Some come by sail

Stingrays waiting for a handout

Crowded at the back of the boat

Sliding along the bottom

Spotted trunkfish and horse-eye jack

Nurse sharks


Purple sea fan

Flapping in the cloudy waters

Pastel cottages

Caye Caulker, even lower key than Caye Ambergris

Taking it easy

Inside the reserve

Hard to tell if the structure is going up or falling down

Is that 1.75, or 0.75 beds?

After being admonished for walking too fast (at around 1.5 mph)

Feeding the frigate birds

Trying not to lose a finger

Successful handoff


Gobbling up the goodies

D&E's frozen custard!

Full moon over the water


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