Home - 2014 - Belize - Day 4

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Super smooth water for the start of the kayaking



Obligatory selfie

Early morning clouds


Visiting the Belize Zoo, the best little zoo in the world

Keel-billed toucan

Collared aracari toucan

Collared peccary, aka javelina

Japanese latern

Jabiru stork, truly a big bird

Lazy crocodile

Harpy eagle

Wild iguana, taking advantage of food for the actual zoo animals

Another wild iguana

The only prison in Belize, also with gift shop selling woodworking done by inmates

Things are laid back at the Tropic Air gate

The fleet of planes

All aboard, ready for take off

Leaving the Belize City International airport

Heading to the Cayes

Shallow and crystal clear

Hard to know how many islands that counts as

Lots of little cayes

On approach into San Pedro

First time in the Carribean

Pier outside the hotel

Non-continuous pier next door


Sting ray right by the shore

Full moon rising


Typical Belizian construction

Moonlight over the sea

Shifting rowboat

Palm tree in the breeze

Golf cart cruising through


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