Home - 2014 - Belize - Day 3

Photographer: Josh Eckels

One of John McAfee's hangouts

Heading upstream on the New River


Provision tree, with medicinal bark

More lily pads

Spider monkey heading out for a stroll

Sitting at attention

Sampling some papaya

Long arms

Time to move on

Iguana on the wall


Jacana in flight

Juvenile jacana

Male jacana, tending the nest

Some sort of coromant

Bats on a log

Sleeping for the day

Cow-horn orchid blossom

Cow-horn orchid blossom, on a very long stalk

Green heron being shy

Green heron, getting even more shy

Desperately seeking the heron with some very big gear

Drying out and warming up

Flycatcher nest

Very kinky neck


Dock at Lamanai


Not coffee cherries

Mask Temple

One of the masks (a reproduction, covering the original)

Jungle walk between structures


At the base of the High Temple

Looking down from the High Temple

Well above the jungle canopy

The lagoon stretches on

Up at the top on a warm humid day

It's steep

Weathered mask

110 feet tall, give or take

Empty grounds

Strangler fig twisting on up

Hollow stone, where mercury was buried

Small ceremonial ball court

Stelae 9, a reproduction at the original site

Lazy howler

Tromping through the royal area

Royal grounds, about to under go more excavation

Jaguar Temple

In front of the Jaguar Temple

Jaguar mask, awaiting your offerings

The original stelae 9

More carvings under cover in the museum

Cormorants on the shore

Passing through

Navigating downstream, through smaller channels

Mesoamerican slider turtle

Rain god

Puppy pile

Heading into the twilight

Out over the lagoon

Some sort of heron, I think

Out for an evening walk around the lodge

Very delicate fruit

Nearly a full moon over the cashew orchard

Giant mango tree in the background

Sandy/silty road


Calm evening

Very bright moon

Empty pier

Plenty of hangers-on

The bar is open


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