Home - 2014 - Belize - Day 1

Photographer: Josh Eckels

My rental vehicle

Heading down the Northern Highway, watching out for unmarked speed bumps

Room at the Crooked Tree Lodge


The cabana

Apple snail shells, vacated

Shoreline of the lagoon

Gnarled trees

Cow-horn orchids

Into the water

Water, higher than usual for the season

Climbing near the pier

Turkey vulture

Main lodge

Tattered flag

Vultures circling


Weathered signage

Basilisk again

Muddy shore

One of the two puppies

Momma pup, wary of the croc


Scarlet tanager

Sunset approaches

Sufficient clearance

Taking turns

The Beer of Belize, in very thick 9 ounce bottles

Saturday night dinner

Big cane toad


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