Home - 2013 - Japan - Day 5 - Asakusa and Shinjuku

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Kaminarimon, with giant chochin

Tokyo Skytree

Shopping district, Nakamise-Dori


Main hall in the foreground

Hondo - main hall

Choosing a fortune

Examining the fortune

Rejecting the fortune

Lots of unwanted fortunes

Puffer fish restaurant

Various treats

Ninja training with shuriken target practice

Asahi headquarters

Senso-ji from the roof

Stacked stores

Rice cookie

Shinjuku train tracks

Shinjuku at night

Plastic food

Arcade, full of pachinko and slot machines

Streets of Tokyo

One sign per floor

Never far from a McDonalds

NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building

Coated in lights

View from pedestrian bridge

Tako, anyone?

Tiny fish

Octopus latern

Puffer fish

Lots of crab

Beefy goodness

Losing interest in Japanese pop music

The reemergence of the pocket peacock dance

Gen tucked under Sarah's arm

Gen can't watch

Assorted pastries

Pouring the bubbly



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