Home - 2013 - Japan - Day 2 - Hakone

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Prepped for hiking with packs

A little PSP to pass the time

Japanese donuts at the train station

Settling in for the ride

Train lunch

Approaching Mt Fuji

Markers leading up to the Saijoji temple

Carved Kanji

Stone fence posts

At the entrance

Giant sandals

Inside the grounds

Spouting turtle

Lunch for Teddy

Steps to the main building

Tucked in the woods




Still pond

Setting up for New Year's

Climbing vine

Hitting the frost line

Very long crystals

Catching the snow falling from the trees

Selective snow cover

Old lift, no longer in operation

Lift tower

Still on the trail

Mt Fuji!

Cloud capped

Happy hikers

Sweeping Mt Fuji vista

Emory's ready to move on

Looking northeast

Tokyo in the far distance

Very freshly engaged!

The ring

Starting to descend

The afternoon's destination, Hakone

Taking the shortcut to Miyagino

Sunset approaches

Glowing and puffy

Our room at the onsen

A massive spread


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