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Photographer: Various

Insulated for warmer hands

Back in the corner

Dinner prep in progress

The master craftsman at work

Gearing up for the morning hike

Treking along

Up to the ridge

Red dirt trail

The end

Chair dancing begins

At Don and Courtney's wedding

Most of the ladies

The whole gang

Hook and Peter Pan

Watching the video

The bearded lady

The whole crew

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Group shot #3

Group shot #5

Group shot #6

Watching the Borrego video

Cocktail hour lineup

Skee-Ball strategizing

Tickets galore

Enjoying some tasting at winery #2

Andrew and Rebecca

Rebecca and Andrew

Andrew supervises the construction project

Keeping it classy


Sitting down to dinner

Heading downriver

Zoe getting some much needed attention in the back

Rebecca takes a turn

Almost there

Another perfect slice

Watermellon water for Tesla


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